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Why is my hair losing weight?

Posted by Sharique SEOTONIC on

It’s a beautiful evening at the café with friends. You’re sitting there and are about to pose for a selfie. So, you pass your fingers through your hair as a natural combing method, but you find those five to six weak hair strands in your hand. 

It’s rude and unhygienic to release those strands carelessly. So, you go to the ladies' room in the café and look for a bin to safely dispose of them. 

But if you notice, you’re going to the café ladies room more often, for all the wrong reasons. If it was only to powder your nose. Regardless, your hair fall is a sign, and it’s getting in the way of a pleasant evening.  

You need a thin hair comb with fine-spaced teeth 

If you’ve seen those handle combs at the store, make sure they’ve got rotating teeth to reduce hair breakage. Professional hair styling combs like the Hair Doctor’s product come with thin hair bristles. These combs are the perfect match to turn your bad hair days into good ones. 

To prevent those hair damage days from ruining your good times outdoors, use a thin hair comb. A thin-pinned comb with 30 fine-spaced rotating teeth can help clear tangles. While combing, you will find less breakage or splitting of the hair. 

Why is my hair getting thinner? 

If it’s anything that should gain volume, it’s your hair. 

Hair thinning is the cause of lifestyle habits, stress (big reason!), genetics, and certain medical conditions. 

Okay, so believe it, but it’s normal to lose 50 to 100 hair strands per day. Who’s counting. The problem is when you’re losing more hair than the recommended number. It becomes apparent when the house collects more hair than dust, and your bathtub drain is clogged with hair every day. 

Reasons why your hair is losing weight or thinning more than it should: 

  • You’re over-treating your hair with color products, perms, relaxers, etc. Don’t overdo it!
  • You’re using hold-hair sprays and gels way too often. Stop doing that to your hair!
  • You’re pulling your hair too tight with a ponytail or tugging it mercilessly. Wear loose hairstyles and no tug of war.
  • You’re on a diet, restricting essential nutrients that your body needs, including your hair. Check for iron, vitamin D, and B12 deficiency.
  • There’s too much cortisol (stress hormone) in your body because you can’t stop stressing at work or with personal matters. Practice self-calming techniques, meditate, and remember – not everything is in your control.
  • Hereditary reasons like you recently had a baby, stopped taking birth control pills, experienced hormonal changes, have a skin disorder, etc. See a doctor or dermatologist. 

So many of us hear friends and family tell us, “You had such good hair; what happened?” Don’t sit to wonder why! You know the plausible reasons; now find a solution and make it work for you. In all of it, we can offer you professional hair styling combs or a thin hair comb. Check our website to buy one that suits you.


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