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Hair Doctor Rotating Tooth Comb Story


The Hair Doctor story

 Ron Owen, a design engineer at Steven Plastics watched his daughter Sara flinch and cry out each time her mother combed her thick hair.  After close observation, he noticed how hair strands would frequently wrap around the comb pin causing hair to pull on the scalp, stretch and break. 


Ron decided to re-design the comb so that each pin would move and spin to prevent hair from clinging and pulling.  After many trial and errors, he successfully designed a unique spine called a "honeycomb" spine which would allow each pin to fully rotate and move resulting in less hair loss and breakage.  

The design is superior for detangling wet hair without causing breakage.  The scientific reasion is that hydrogen bonds in the hair strand are broken when wet and reform when dry which means that wet hair is extremely susceptible to damage when wet.  Rotating teeth much more gentle to wet hair.  Rotating teeth move and glide, significantly reducing the pulling force that causes hair to stretch and break. Hair Doctor manufactures 12 unique comb models.   

Use Hair Doctor combs for Healthy Beautiful Hair!

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