Hair Doctor Story

How Hair Doctor Rotating Tooth combs were invented

Steven Plastics inventor, Ron Owen would watch his daughter cry out and flinch each time her mother combed out her thick hair.  He was compelled to investigate, and after close observation, he noticed how hair strands would frequently wrap around the comb pin causing hair strand to pull, stretch and break.

Ron decided to re-invent the comb and create a design that would prevent hair from wrapping around the comb pin. After numerous prototypes, he successfully designed a honeycomb spine which allowed each pin to freely rotate and move up and down.  This design change prevented hair strands from wrapping around the pin and pulling, significantly reducing hair loss and damage.

 The science:  Rotating teeth significantly reduce the pulling force on hair strands because of constant rotation and movement of pins.  Wet hair is especially prone to breakage and damage because hydrogen bonds in hair are broken when wet and reformed when dry. Rotating tooth combs by Hair Doctor keep hair healthy and beautiful, significantly reducing hair loss and damage.

Hair Doctor Combs are recommended by Professional Stylists and Licensed Trichologists in the USA.  Hair Doctor Brand is privately owned by Diane Pietrasik, Managing Director, Steven Plastics. Inc. 

100% Manufactured in USA