Frequently Asked Questions

Can rotating teeth really reduce hair loss?
Yes..  When the pins on a comb rotate and move up and down, it prevents hair from stretching and breaking.  It also stops hair from wrapping around the pin comb and breaking.  Rotating teeth greatly reduce the pulling force on tangled hair which significantly reduces hair damage and hair loss.

What causes wet hair to break off?
Hair is most susceptible to damage when wet. This is due to the hydrogen bonds in the hair that are broken when wet and reformed when dry. Combing with a non-rotating tooth comb can cause hair to stretch and break. A scientific study concluded that rotating teeth are more gentle to hair than conventional combs because continually moving, rotating teeth significantly reduces the pull on hair that causes it to stretch and break off or split.

What type of pin does hair doctor use in their combs?
Hair Doctor uses solid stainless-steel pins that are precisely tapered then tumbled until the tips extra round and smooth. This process takes 4-5 days to accomplish. The finished pins are then polished to beautiful sheen.

Are Hair Doctor Combs made in the USA?
Yes, Hair Doctor combs are manufactured, assembled and packaged in Hoffman Estates, IL USA, by a team of veteran and loyal employees who love what they do.

How can I recommend a new color?
We love recommendations. Send you recommendations to dianepi@stevenplastics.com and let us know why you believe that color would be great!