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Welcome To Hair Doctor Rotating Tooth Combs & Brushes

Hair Doctor® discovered that rotating teeth significantly reduce the pulling force on hair prevent hair loss and damage.  Silky smooth rotating teeth wiggle through tangles preventing hair from stretching and breaking especially when wet. Smooth rounded tips massage the scalp keeping it clean and healthy.

Made in USA Hair Doctor combs are specifically designed to remove tangles on fine and thick hair. Combs with wide course teeth are designed for thick and curly hair.  Fine spaced teeth designed for fine hair. But all combs are superior combs for detangling wet hair after a shower or swimming.

We studied the effects of stainless-steel teeth over plastic. Rigid, non moving teeth create static, causing hair to cling to the pin, stretching and breaking. When the teeth snag on the hair it ends up pulling hair out by the cuticle or snapping it off.. 

Rotating tooth stainless-teeth combs keep moving which significantly lessens the pulling force on hair, greatly reducing damage. 

The 360° rolling teeth delivers the added benefit of massaging the scalp,  \ increasing blood circulation which keeps the scalp free from itching and promotes growth.

The massage effect feels wonderful on the scalp.  Sonic welded pins prevent teeth from falling out of the spine keeping the comb safe for children and pets.

Hair Doctor Combs for beautiful, healthy hair and scalp.    


Made in the USA

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