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2 Piece Comb Sets:

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Rotating Tooth Combs reduce Hair Loss and Damage, especially when combing out wet hair. 

2 Piece Hair Doctor Comb Sets:  Rotating Tooth Combs and Brushes glide through tangled hair preventing hair from stretching and breaking. Gentle combing is especially needed when combing out tangled wet hair.  Reduce Hair loss and damage with Rotating Tooth comb technology. 

Set includes:  2 Pieces at reduced pricing

 (Comb sets are not eligible for additional product order discounts)

  • Reduces hair damage:  Rotating Teeth move and glide preventing hair from pulling, stretching and breaking during combing.  

  • Superior for detangling wet hair:  Hair is most susceptible to damage when wet. This is due to the hydrogen bonds in the hair that are broken when wet and reformed when dry.  A scientific study concluded that rotating teeth are gentle to hair, much more so than conventional combs because the rotation of teeth combined with up and down movement, greatly reduces the pulling force that causes hair to stretch and break.  Rotating tooth combs move and glide to reduce hair breakage and loss

  • Stimulates scalp circulation.  Smooth round comb tips rub the scalp increasing  circulation keeping scalp healthy.
  • Safe Binding: Pins are securely sonic welded into the spine preventing fallout.
  • Tarnish Free: Pins are solid stainless steel which will not tarnish and can be safely cleaned with warm water and gentle soap. 
  • Prevents Static build-up: Solid stainless-steel teeth natural prevent static build-up in hair preventing fly away hair when combing.  
  • Made in USA: manufactured and hand assembled by the Hair Doctor Team at Steven Plastics Inc, Hoffman Estates, Illinois USA.  Hair Doctor Rotating Tooth Combs are made in beautiful styles and colors to meet the needs of the whole family.   

Hair Doctor combs & brushes keep hair healthy and beautiful. 

Hair Doctor News!

Hair Doctor Rotating Tooth Combs and Brushes; a trusted Brand for beautiful healthy hair for over 20 years.  Over 5 million sold globally .

Manufactured and hand assembled at Steven Plastics Inc, Hoffman Estates, Illinois by a superior team of veteran employees who love beautiful hair. Contact us anytime and let us know your favorite color so we can build it in the future. 

Take care of yourself. Stay Beautiful.



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