Hair Doctor Professional Stylist Comb Long Teeth, reduce hair loss. Trichologist Recommended

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Hair Doctor Professional Stylist Dual-Spaced Comb - with 1" Long patented rotating stainless-steel teeth, has flat handle and spine for all day styling.  Designed by professionals.  Model #TH819

Superior comb for styling long, thick and curly hair without causing damage. Trichologist recommended to reduce hair damage and loss.

Wonderful Benefits of rotating teeth:

Prevents hair breakage and hair loss:  silky smooth 360 degree rotating stainless steel teeth prevent thick hair from wrapping and snagging on the pin stopping  hair breakage, split-ends and hair loss. Dual- Spacing allows easy styling and finishing for most all hair types.

Stimulates hair growth:  smooth rounded tipped teeth gently rub and  massage the scalp to stimulate  circulation and blood flow reducing scalp itch and stimulating growth.

Superior Comb for detangling thick wet hair Hair is most susceptible to damage when wet. This is due to the hydrogen bonds in the hair that are broken when wet and reformed when dry.  A scientific study concluded that rotating teeth are more gentle to hair than conventional combs, greatly eliminating the pulling force that causes hair to stretch and break.

Never Tarnish: Solid stainless steel teeth never tarnish and can be safely disinfected in salon solutions.

Secure Binding:  patented design allows pins to float freely in the spine but are securely sonic welded to prevent pin fall out and injury.

Made in USA: Manufactured by Steven Plastics Inc, Hoffman Estates, Il


Hair Doctor News! Hair Doctor Combs rotating teeth are gentle to the hair folicle and scalp preventing hair damage. 

Used by licensed Tricologists

Dr. David Kingsley, PhD, WTS: New York
Board certified Trichologist, leading expert in the science and practice of hair loss prevention. Dr. Kingsley is the only Trichologist in North America with a PhD in hair loss research.
Martine Langsam; California
Certified Trichologist (IAT), (WTS), Certified Master Organic Colorist


 The Hair Doctor® Story- The  Original Rotating Tooth Combs 

Invented and made in USA

 Inventor Ron Owen, designer at Steven Plastics, noticed that his daughter Sara would flinch and cry out each time her mother was combing her thick hair.  After close observation, he noticed how hair strands would frequently wrap around the comb pin causing some hair strands to pull, stretch and break.   

An inventor by trade, he set out to design a spine that would hold each pin separately to prevent hair from pulling and snagging.  After many proto-types, he successfully designed a honeycomb spine which allowed each pin to independently rotate 360 degrees  significantly reducing the pulling force that caused hair to stretch and break… especially when wet!                                        

 The science: Hydrogen bonds in the hair are broken when wet and reformed when dry. Rotating teeth move and glide preventing hair from clinging to the pins preventing hair from pulling stretching and breaking.  Hair Doctor Combs & Brushes improve people’s lives. Helping people keep their hair and scalp healthy. Looking  good and feeling good!   

 Made in USA

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