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Resellers of Hair Doctor Products and where to buy from them

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Hair Doctor combs and brushes are easily available online. But if you are someone who loves to touch and feel a product before making a purchase, you can check out some of their offline resellers. Online resellers also help enhance the accessibility of these products. Hair Doctor’s comb for hair loss is a revolutionary product with rotating tooth technology for reducing hair loss. Let’s look at the resellers who stock the different Hair Doctor combs and where you can buy them. 

Where Can You Buy Hair Doctor Products?

Broadly, you have two main options for buying combs and brushes from this revolutionary brand.

This company has six resellers across the USA and a couple of international locations to reach its offline buyers. When do you need to buy combs from a reseller?

  • When you need a product immediately and you cannot wait for an online order to arrive
  • When you want to see the tangible product before you buy
  • When you visit a hair-related service provider and love the combs that they use or recommend 

Guide to All Authorized Hair Doctor Resellers

Hair Doctor recognizes the following resellers for selling authentic products from its high-quality collection. 

#1 Dr. David Kingsley, PhD

This renowned expert presides over the World Trichology Society (WTS). He has international recognition for his expertise in the science behind hair loss and ways to prevent it. He has authored the book “The Hair Loss Cure” and he recommends and resells Hair Doctor products. His contact details are as follows.

British Science

2550 Victory Blvd Suite 305

Staten Island NY 10314-6635

718-980-4700 or 212-980-8700 

#2 Rosewater Day Spa and Salon

This Rochester-based service offers beauty, relaxation, and salon services to clients. They resell Hair Doctor products at the point of sale to customers looking for effective ways to reduce hair loss.

Phone: 585-227-1450

Email: Patricia.erbelding@yahoo.com

30 Erie Canal Drive, Rochester NY 14626 

#3 Krembs.com, the Professional Stylist website

Founded by James Krembs, this California-based website is a one-stop solution for professional hair styling needs. This organization has existed since 1970, and they sell some Hair Doctor products to their discerning clients.

Founder and Owner: James Krembs

Website: krembs.com

Phone: 805-304-3413 

#4 Beauty in Balance, Salon

Buyers in South Carolina can check out Hair Doctor products at this salon. This salon offers holistic hair care services with a focus on sustainability. You can consult their hairstylists and pick your Hair Doctor products.

Contact: Aidee Burt

Email: aideebeautyinbalance@gmail.com 

#5 Cache Beauty Supply Inc.

Customers in Arkansas can buy Hair Doctor products from Cache Beauty, a beauty product supplier since 1976. You can trust the authenticity of Hair Doctor products sold via their platform.




#6 The Refinery Salon

If you are in Washington, you can find Hair Doctor combs for hair loss at The Refinery Salon. This salon stocks high-quality hair products and their hairstylists help you navigate your hair care woes with ease.

133 4th Ave N

Edmonds, WA 98020


#7 Carousell, Singapore

If you are in Singapore but want to get your hands on the original Hair Doctor products quickly and easily, you can visit Carousell, Singapore. They offer authentic products from the brand and help you experience the rotating tooth technology.

Website: https://www.carousell.sg/u/groomuntangle

Email: groomuntanglehairdoctor@gmail.com

Contact: Imelda Calda 

#8 Larosh Accessories, Singapore

In Phillippines, the go-to provider of Hair Doctor products is Larosh accessories. They sell these products via their website as well as their Facebook page.

Now that you know about these resellers, get your Hair Doctor products from them or our website today!

Manila, Philippines 1600

Phone: +0917-900-2155

Email: larosh.accessories@gmail.com

Facebook: pages/HAIR-Doctor-USA-COMB/302175409841413 Beauty, Cosmetic & Personal Care · Health/Beauty


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