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Four Common Hair Problems Men shouldn’t avoid

Posted by Sharique SEOTONIC on

Men have hair problems too. Funnily, some know about it, while some choose to ignore it because who has the time? Well, better make the time before you lose hair that’s never going to grow back. 

Common problems that men have with their hair 

From widow’s peak to cowlicks, get ready to read the most uncommon names for the most common men’s hair problems. 

  1. When hair grows in the opposite direction– This form of hair growth is most common at the crown area on the head. It’s also called cowlicks because of the whorls that cow’s tongues imprint on their calves. So, go with the flow and direction of that growth and groom your hair accordingly. Your groomsman will also cut your hair short and then sweep the hair in that direction. Also, DO NOT use hair products like hair gel and the like. Maybe consult a hair specialist before torturing your hair with unreliable products. Use men's combs of various shapes and sizes, and you can select the ones best suited for your scalp. 
  1. Do you have an overgrown crown?– Some men have an overgrown crown, and while there’s nothing you can do about it, you can still find a fix. Remember that it’s not the crown that’s the problem; it’s the way you style your hair. Take advantage of the crown’s area and taper the length of your hair towards the back. If you are growing out the front section of your hair, leave the length longer and keep it short at the crown. The lengthening of your hair in that area will even out the volume all over, even though you may have some hair sticking up at the crown. 
  1. V-shaped hairline in the center of the forehead– The V-shaped or widow’s peak happens when the hairline starts to recede on either side. Well, shaving it off is not the solution, but enhancing the volume in the fringe by the side parting with shaping at the front will work for you. However, if you have long hair, then middle parting works best here. You might want to look at some long hair combs for long styling hair. 
  1. Hair thinning as you age– Ageing is disastrous, isn’t it? But, let’s make sure we men age gracefully by fixing those bald patterns that inevitably hit us. Yes, you may be experiencing some form of partial baldness or hair-receding woes, but sometimes, the solution is to get a new hairstyle. For thin hair, try a shorter, more textured style. This style helps to maximize volume and create the illusion of thickness. To make the most of your new look, DO NOT use wet hair products. They can cause the strands to stick together, making your hair look thinner than before. 

Fixing common hair problems depends on how you want your future hair to feel and look. Your hair health is as important as yours. So, before you start thoughtlessly using hair products to look cool, consult a specialist who could help you with a better solution.


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