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Everything You Need To Know About the Top 3 Long Hair Combs

Posted by Sharique SEOTONIC on

People love to flaunt their long hair. But long hair is not always super manageable. At the same time, you also need to deal with problems like hair loss and breakage. That is why it is essential to use high-quality long hair combs to manage your mane. The Original Hair Doctor range includes some phenomenal combs to navigate your long hair problems. Let's break down the top-rated long hair combs to check out.


The Technological Excellence behind Rotating Tooth Combs

A comb for hair loss can help you address your hair fall concerns. But how does the technology behind a comb help your hair? The best combs for long hair are designed to reduce the pulling force on your hair. The patented rotating tooth technology with a honeycomb spine, rotating teeth, and securely bound sonic-welded pins can help create a smooth, gliding force. When a rotating tooth passes through your hair, it can turn independently of the others. This autonomous movement reduces friction and lessens the risks of pulling on your hair strands. As a result, you get a seamless combing experience while minimizing your hair loss woes.


Long Hair Combs: Best-Selling Combs to Explore

If you want a comb for hair loss that caters to your long tresses, you can look out for the following options.

  • Best-selling Vanity Comb for Long Hair: This high-quality long-hair comb has 51 rotating teeth to glide through your long and voluminous mane. The teeth are stainless steel, ensuring a smooth sliding motion. Each tooth has a rounded tip to protect your scalp from risks of damage. At the same time, the sonic-welded pins ensure a secure and seamless design, preventing the pins from falling out. This comb will be the pride of your vanity with its eye-catching design and unique functionality. It is available in seven exciting color options to add a pop of vibrancy to your vanity.
  • Best-Selling Extra-Long Tooth Comb: Sometimes, your long hair needs some extra support while combing. That is why this comb provides you with a handle that is 8.5” long. The long handle allows you a firm grip as you comb through your long tresses. This comb further minimizes the chances of damage by incorporating 1.25” wide-spaced teeth. The 18 wide-spaced teeth can allow you to glide through your hair for easy detangling and effortless styling. The tumbled tips of this comb can help protect your scalp while stimulating it at the same time. This comb is available in five stunning hues to jazz up your vanity.
  • Best-Selling Dual-Spaced Vanity Comb: If you are someone who needs both wide-spaced and narrow-spaced teeth, then this dual-spaced long hair comb will be your best bet. The smooth stainless-steel teeth can help you detangle and style your hair with ease. At the same time, the dual spacing allows you immense flexibility in determining your combing approach. This product has eight color options to find your perfect pick.


You can check out the full range of combs for hair loss by browsing the Hair Doctor Products website.


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