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Combs for Curly Hair: Best-Selling Picks for Taming the Texture

Posted by Sharique SEOTONIC on

Curly-haired beauties often love to flaunt their textured tresses. The natural curls and ringlets can frame one’s face beautifully and add to the final style statement of a person. However, curly hair is anything but easy to manage. The waves and coils can be a disaster to detangle, leaving curly-haired people with unmanageable hair woes. That is where curly hair combs can come to your rescue. But how do you pick the combs that best serve your needs? This guide will help you find the best-selling options to consider in this category.


Why Do Curly-Haired People Need Special Combs?

Curly hair is usually tangled and brittle because it lacks moisture. That is why this hair type is highly vulnerable to frizz and breakage. When poor-quality combs tug and pull at curly hair, they worsen the frizz and increase the risks of breakage. That is why it is critical to use rotating tooth combs that ensure a smooth gliding action. The honeycomb spine in such a comb allows each tooth to rotate seamlessly and autonomously. As a result, the pulling force lessens and your curly hair has a lower risk of breakage and loss.


Top-Rated Combs for Curly-Haired Comb

If you need a comb for hair loss to manage your curly locks, look no farther than these three options.

  • Extra-long and Wide Tooth Comb: This comb is spectacular for combing through tight curls.  The 8.5" handle helps you maintain a firm grip as you comb.. The one-and-a-quarter-inch spacing is wide enough to prevent pulling and breakage, helping you fight the hair loss problem. This comb is available in eye-catching shades like rich burgundy, French rose pink, and more.

 Dual-Spaced Professional Stylist Comb:  This comb has both wide and narrow teeth teeth to handle a variety of tight curls. The stainless-steel teeth minimize static and create a smooth combing experience. The tumbled tips of the teeth also protect your sensitive scalp from injury. The rotating tooth technology also reduces the risks of breakage when your hair is wet. Salon Favorite. 

  • Vanity CombBest comb wavy hair with less curls. The stainless-steel teeth can help you detangle your textured hair, without adding to the frizz of your curly tresses. This comb uses the rotating tooth technology as well to minimize the risks of pulling, breaking, or stretching. 

See the Hair Doctor Story to learn why rotating tooth combs prevent hair loss and damage. Hair Doctor Products.   Keep your hair healthy and beautiful


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