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Choosing a Comb for Men: Materials and Types to Know

Posted by Sharique SEOTONIC on

Men often find it extremely challenging to get the correct information about grooming products that work for them. Combs are essential items that every man must have to style their hair well. But most men have no idea about what these combs are made of and what their types are. Knowing about such attributes can help in making an informed decision about men’s combs

Common Materials in Men’s Combs

  • Metal: Metal combs are sleek and aesthetic. At the same time, they are very durable and smooth to use. These combs can prevent friction and breakage by making it easier to glide through. Metal helps in professional hair styling combs because it ensures smoother use and a premium look. Stainless steel is one of the most common options for making metal combs
  • Horn: Horn combs are made from a natural material that offers smooth untangling. These specialized combs are very useful for very curly or long hair. However, the price point of these combs can often be too high and unaffordable on a day-to-day basis.
  • Carbon: This one is a heat-proof material that also prevents friction. Carbon is very robust and can survive a lot of pressure. A carbon comb would work well in a professional setting where a lot of heat application is necessary. However, carbon combs are not essential for everyday use.
  • Plastic: Plastic is a simple and inexpensive material used for making combs. It is versatile because it is used to make different shapes and forms of combs quite easily. A plastic comb should have rounded teeth to prevent damage to the scalp.
  • Wood: Wood combs help to enhance blood flow to the scalp. Wood combs also have natural fibers with beneficial properties. They have natural oils which nourish the strands and make them healthier. 

Main Types of Men’s Combs

  • Fine-tooth Combs: The teeth of a fine-tooth comb are closely spaced together. This type is best for setting straight hair in place. Such a comb offers smooth and fast combing.
  • Medium-tooth Combs: The distance between the comb teeth is medium in this type. Hairstylists use this type of combs to bring hair strands closer before cutting. These combs also come in handy for managing thick hair after the process of blow-drying.
  • Wide-tooth Combs: The teeth of such combs are spread very widely. This feature helps in managing thick or curly hair gently. Such a comb is also helpful for detangling wet hair due to its wide set spacing.
  • Pocket Combs: Pocket combs are small combs that one can carry in pockets for greater accessibility. Men find such combs indispensable while traveling for work or play.
  • Tail Combs: Tail combs have long tail endpoints. The endpoint helps to divide sections of the hair. Tail combs are more useful for men who have long hair that needs extensive styling. 

Now that you know more about the basics of a comb for men, you can make an informed choice. Check out the Hair Doctor’s range of men’s combs for managing your hair in style!


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