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6 Best-Selling Combs for the Most Common Hair Types and Problems

Posted by Sharique SEOTONIC on

Combs are vital accessories for styling and managing your hair. However, finding the right comb for your hair type can often be quite a nightmare. There are so many types of combs that it gets hard to figure out which one you need. Everyone wants a comb for hair loss but only a few people know how to choose the right comb for themselves. 

That is why we have put together a guide to 6 best-selling combs from Hair Doctor Products so you can get the one you need! 

  • 5” Pocket/4” Mini Combs: These purse-sized combs can be the perfect accompaniment to your outdoor plans. They help with on-the-go touch-ups and quick detangling of your hair. These combs can be the best for you if you have medium hair. The small size can help medium-haired people detangle hair while traveling. The rotating teeth with 360 degrees rotating pins can minimize friction and reduce the risks of hair loss.

  • Handle Combs with Wide Teeth: Handle combs come with easy-to-grip handles for convenient combing. The wide-teeth design with rotating pins is perfect for medium-haired people experiencing a lot of damage and tangling. The pins can rotate 360 degrees, and each pin is independent of the others. This design, supported by a honeycomb spine, helps to lower the pulling force and reduces hair breakage. The wide teeth are great for gently easing through the tangles for reducing damage.

  • Handle Combs with Fine-Spaced Teeth: Handle combs with finely spaced teeth are most suitable for thin-haired buyers. People with thin hair often find their locks looking limp. This type of comb can help to tease the hair to create a lifted appearance so that thin hair can look rejuvenated.

  • 7” Vanity Combs: These vanity combs are suited to medium-thick hair or regular hair types. This type is the perfect fit for daily use. The vanity combs come with dual-spaced rotating teeth. This design helps to manage different needs of regular hair while reducing the risk of hair breakage too. The combs are also available in multiple colors, making them the perfect addition to your vanity.

  • Extra-Long Handle Comb: Extra-long handle combs are excellent for combing and styling extra thick hair. This type also works well on curly or wired hair. The long handle helps to grasp the comb well and work through heavy or textured hair. The stainless-steel teeth can pass through the hair with ease. Moreover, the rotating pins can also reduce hair breakage.

  • Professional Comb: Flat spine and a flared handle can help a professional comb work through tangles with ease. This type of comb is ideal for thick, curly, or wired hair that often forms knots. This comb comes with a sonic welded finish so that the pins do not fall out. The pins themselves come with a rolling technology to reduce hair breakage. This type of comb gently eases through the knots of tight curls or wired hair to provide the perfect haircare experience. 

So, what are you waiting for? Identify your hair needs and buy the perfect comb from “Hair Doctor Products” today!


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