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Spa Doctor Body Exfoliator Brush - Breaks up cellulite! (Model #TH713Hair)

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Spa Doctor Body Exfoliator Bush

Stimulates skin bringing much needed blood flow underneath skin surface to reduce cellulite build up in legs and arms. Model# TH713Body

Benefits of SPA Doctor Exfoliator Brush:
Hand Held Brush has ergonomic comfort hold indent.  91 rubberized fingers with soft tips massage the skin, stimulate circulation and blood flow, exfoliates and break up cellulite on legs and arms.  Feels great!  Model #TH713


Effective and Best use during morning shower; use daily for best results

* Stimulates blood circulation while it exfoliates skin

Use upward strokes on upper thighs and arms. 

Comfort Grip: palm held with curved indent for solid comfortable hold.

* Also excellent for stimulating the scalp for Bald Heads

 Gentle, Relaxing and Effective

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