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Professional Extra-Long Tooth Salon Comb for Wet Hair Detangling without damage #TH818XL

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Perfect combination of smooth design, rounded pins and tips, untangles wet hair without stretching and breaking. Heavy weight Dual-Spaced Professional Comb Model # TH818XL

 Salon Professional Comb for detangling Wet Hair without damage
Superior Comb for long, thick and curly hair

Beautiful Hair Care Benefits of smooth Rotating Teeth:

Prevents hair breakage and loss: extra-long stainless steel teeth glide and rotate to prevent wet hair hair from pulling stretching and breaking, reducing hair loss.  Hair must be combed when wet to remove tangles before brushing.  

Stimulates scalp:  smooth rounded tips gently rub and  massage the scalp to stimulate  circulation and promote healthy scalp and hair.

Superior Comb for detangling thick wet hair:  Hair is most susceptible to damage when wet. This is due to the hydrogen bonds in the hair that are broken when wet and reformed when dry.  A scientific study concluded that rotating teeth are more gentle to hair than conventional combs, greatly eliminating the pulling force that causes hair to stretch and break.

Never Tarnish: Solid stainless steel teeth never tarnish and can be safely disinfected in salon solutions.

Secure Binding:  patented design secures pins and prevent pin fall out.

Made in USA: Manufactured in Hoffman Estates, Il.  


Hair Doctor News!

Rotating teeth are extremely gentle to hair. Teeth move, wiggle and glide preventing hair loss and damage. Rotating teeth gently untangle wet hair without damage, preventing hair from stretching, pulling and snapping. Solid stainless-steel teeth eliminate static build-up; will not tarnish and can be safely disinfected in salon solutions. 

Trichologists recommend Hair Doctor rotating tooth combs because rotating teeth significantly reduce the pulling force that causes hair to stretch and break. The rounded smooth tips rub and massage the scalp stimulating circulation which promotes growth.  The result is a comb that glides effortlessly through hair without stretching hair or damaging the scalp.

Hair Doctor range of combs and brushes offer solutions for long, thick, curly as well as fine and thinning hair.   Many sizes and beautiful Colors for Women, Men and Children.

Manufactured, hand assembled at Steven Plastics Inc. Hoffman Estates, IL. USA.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Salon Best
Stylist of Thick Hair

I've been looking for this comb. I style long thick hair all day long.
This Comb suits me!
Glad i found it.

Rebella's Hair Studio
Superior combs

Our stylists use the Extra-Long Professional Comb for 12 years. A superior product and indeed prevents hair damage.
On line now for your Summer Sale.

Lynn K
Excellent for thick Hair

I cut and style thick and curly hair and use Hair Doctor professional combs. The extra long comb is a superior tools for styling thick and curly hair. Easy to disinfect and the flat handle and spine prevents hand cramps. Love it