Hair Doctor Men's 5" Pocket Comb with rotating stainless teeth to reduce hair loss

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Hair Doctor Men's comb: 36 smooth stainless steel teeth continuously rotate preventing hair from clinging to the pin so hair does not stretch and break off.    Model # TH516M. 

Hair Doctor Men's comb

 Benefits of Hair Doctor Rotating Tooth Combs  

  • Reduces hair loss: teeth rotate while moving up and down to prevent hair from wrapping and clinging to the pin sretching and breaking  preventing hair loss and damage.
  • Stimulates healthy scalp: smooth tips gently rub and massage the scalp stimulating blood circulation, reducing scalp itch and promoting growth.
  • Superior on wet hair: Hair is most susceptible to damage when wet. This is due to the hydrogen bonds in the hair that are broken when wet and reformed when dry.  Rotating teeth are more gentle to hair than conventional combs because it eliminates the pulling force that causes hair to stretch and break when wet which significantly reduces damage. 
  • Never Tarnish: solid stainless steel teeth never tarnish and can safely disinfected in salon solutions.
  • Secure Binding: patent design allows pins to float freely in the spine while also sonic welded to prevent pin fall out, keeping children safe from loose pins.
  • Comfort grip: solid grip  5" size for pocket and travel.
Made in USA with precision 
    Made in USA with precision.

    Hair Doctor News!

    Hair Doctor invented the original rotating tooth Combs and Brushes prevent hair loss and damage and to keep hair healthy.

    Hair Doctor combs have a unique comb spine that enables each pin to rotate 360 degrees, independently of the other pin so the entire comb gently glide through tangled or wet hair without snagging or pulling.

    Hair Doctor Combs have been sold for more than 18 years and have always been manufactured and hand assembled in Hoffman Estates, Illinois by a superior team of veteran employees.  Over 6 million+ Hair Doctor Combs have been sold globally. 

     Comb your hair with Kindness.Hair Doctor Logo

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